Guest Comic: Luigi’s Mansion: The Dark Descent

Guest Comic: Luigi's Mansion: The Dark Descent

More like Descent into Madness! Ladies and gentlemen, I think we can all agree that if there were a survival horror series in nintendo’s mushroom kingdom it would undoubtedly be a Luigi’s mansion game and it would be cutely terrifying.

I have only played the first one myself, but my fantastic artist friend Kacy Corlett was absolutely amazing enough to make me a guest comic describing her experiences throughout to the two part series.

I laughed and was simultaneously horrified by the implications of the series now that I think about it…insane. Thanks again to my guest artist, maybe we will see more from her in future! I hope so!

How Shocking!

How Shocking!

Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m back for season 2 of my comics, having taken a nice long break to play some games and get my material flowing again!

Infamous is a fantastic game, fun, silly, and full of humor, not to mention it runs on the beautiful Uncharted engine…at least it feels like it when I play.

I simply find it hard to stomach the fact that I can kill the man standing next to me with lightning, only to immediately heal the citizen across the street with practically the same power, it just seems a little absurd, especially a bullet wound…how is lightning supposed to help?

You will all soon forget about this comic as the guest comic for this week has been drawn by one of my Art Major friends Kacy, and will outshine everything I make forever! Thanks Kacy!



Finals week is upon me and I have been pressed for time pretty much 24/7! I had an hour free, so I thought, what better to do for relaxation than to quickly sketch a comic!

My girlfriend miranda played through the entire game over the weekend because it is one of the greatest games in existence! If you haven’t played it you MUST!

It is set in a summer camp for psychic children…but the natural predators in the area are just plain terrifying!

First R-aid…ge-get it?

First it?

Wow my comics have been super late recently, I apologize for that, but I am a busy student, I’ve got science to do!

I was a huge fan of the original tomb raider games, as well as the uncharted series, so when the reboot came out I absolutely had to jump at the chance to climb over ancient masonry for hours!

I know how cauterization works, but Lara’s bone through the abdomen, followed by bullet wounds, then massive trauma and internal hemorrhagic wounds from falling through the canopy as she did…it wouldn’t work…not to mention she’s an archaeologist with no field experience.

Oh well, I guess survivor’s have to be born somehow. This comic is terribly drawn and minimally furnished because I drew it in an hour before bed! Goodnight!

Phoenix Wrong

Phoenix Wrong

Im sorry that this comic is so incredibly late this week! I was so busy studying for tests, dealing with my work at the lab, and admittedly playing Tomb Raider till 2 in the morning haha.

I just started playing Phoenix Wright after completing the second Professor Layton Game, and I find that the terrible puns, ridiculous witness names, and wonderfully relateable hero are quite charming and funny.

This comic came to me during Turnabout Sisters at one in the morning, and when I told Miranda she told me she died a little inside, oh don’t you just loves puns?

Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt

Hello again Quick Time Eventees! This comic is brought to you by Shadow of the Colossus.

Miranda has been playing through the gem of a game recently because I bought the ico shadows HD rerelease, and have heard that it is one of the greatest games of all time.
Plotwise its about a guy who wants to save his girl…unoriginal, but Mario stole it pretty early on. Its the ridiculous over the top giant monster bossfights that make this game unique, and by George they certainly do!
If you haven’t bought and played this game you absolutely must as it is some of the best money you will ever spend.

This comic however, is about the main character, whose name, relationship with said girl, and skillset are entirely unknown…we can assume however that this must because he is the world’s largest moron to not notice he’s being corrupted by poison…oh well, its all for true love or something I suppose.

Layton’s Apprentice Strikes Again!

Layton's Apprentice Strikes Again!

Sorry that this comic is showing up so late in the week, but I had a few exams this week and was very busy.

Did manage a few Layton and the Diabolical Box sessions with Miranda and finally managed to beat it! Looking forward SO much to the Unwound Future!

It always struck me as odd that any social situation, whether it be an argument, a pleasant conversation, or in this case kidnapping, it always devolves into puzzles…

No one even seems phased that lives are in danger, oh well, this comic just goes out to those people that want to get the answer out of the NPC’s just a little faster!

Oh, and you guys should definitely leave some comments and suggest comics at



Katamari, the only game where you can roll up entire cities to happy japanese pop music!

Miranda absolutely loves the Katamari games, as do I, so I bought Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox as soon as I could.

It just always nagged at the back of my mind how you were destroying entire societies, even planets, and yet the tone of the game was always super happy…hmmm

Isaac Snark

Isaac Snark

Hello again ladies and gentlemen! The new comic of the week is dead space themed!

I wondered why Isaac Clarke’s sole experience seems to be in not engineering, but instead breaking things that are fully functional…

I imagine this is how an average day in the life of everyone’s favorite engineer would be…please don’t look at his boots, I was rushed and the week was swiftly coming to a close!